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MZ12X is the only product that is NOT required to use a “Closed Loop System” in the state of Colorado. Washington State is also planning to impose similar modifications to its recreational and medical marijuana laws.

Billions cans of butane are sold annually in the US. Oils extracted using butane are becoming a major health issue and a serious concern for the environment. In the commercial gas industry, it is prohibited to release butane gas into the open air. Unfortunately, it is common practice in the cannabis oil industry to release butane into the open air due to the explosive nature of the gas.

MZ12X is flammable like butane, but it is safe to use in open air blasting using open tubes.

A number of pro-marijuana states are considering imposing limitations on marijuana use to CBD based products only. Should there be a change in Federal or State laws to ban THC infused wax, oil, etc., MZ12X will survive the changes because it is just as effective in extracting CBDs while still preserving the Terpenes

MZ12X is the only product that:

  1. Will produce 2.5+ times more extract than propane and butane,
  2. Won’t harm humans, animals, or the environment,
  3. Preserves all terpenes (average terpene values of 12% - 30% using MZ12X),
  4. Preserves the scent and taste of the original plants
  5. Is non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, and won’t contaminate the oil,
  6. Is not as explosive as propane/butane.
  • Is designed to be an ENVIRONMENTALLY STABLE SOLVENT and is formulated from A NATURALLY OCCURING Organic gas.
  • Has an explosion point that is much HIGHER than a petroleum based solvents.
  • Has a Complete Evaporating Point (cep) or FULLY VANISHING POINT that is even lower than that of petroleum based products such as butane.
  • Contains zero heavy metals.
  • Is refined 12 times and is engineered to be MORE POWERFUL than butane – it will remove any oil particles from the surfaces and grooves of the processing equipment that Butane may leave behind.

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